A person very unaware of all that's happening, and thinks that he is a decent, moral person when he is just a godfucking moron, like too many US citizens.
Pete is a dickhead, you could mistake him for a Yank.
No clue, just another Yank.
Yanks suck!!
by shonny March 14, 2007
A guy who is generally annoying and has major moobs
Yanks just shut up we dont care that you cant get a girl cause of your moobs
by xoxo! L3xi March 12, 2009
the derogatory word british people call most americans because we kicked their ass in a revolution about 200 years ago. Notice that they havn't won a major war without us supplying them or sending them massive amounts of troops.

Me: Might I remind you we kicked your ass in the american revolution, the war of 1812, and we have bailed your ass out 2 major world wars by providing massive amounts of troops and supplies to help?


Me: Would you please shut the hell up you crumpet eating bastard, just do me a favor and shut the hell up, I do agree american english is differant from your english, and trust me I wish I could call it "american" but that won't happen anytime soon. The next time you call me a yank, I bust your fucking rotton teeth outta your mouth, then you WILL have to see a dentist for once in your life you stupid brit.

British fellow: Gee lad, that kinda hurt, you didn't have to go so deep.

Me: Yes, lets stop fighting about who is better and go take out a communist country like China or North Korea.

British fellow: Good idea lad, I shall bring the fighter jets!

Me: Right on

by Mister Bo Jangles345 June 20, 2006
A racial slure agasint asian people
(Derives from the word chink)
1. Look at that Yank!
by J May 07, 2004
It's not cool to sound American. They are the earth's vermin. Uneducated, uncultured, god-fearing morons with a penchant for deeply ingrained racism and general war-mongering. Nuking the Deep South would save the world from alot of problems.
Dan's says "they call Britain, ENGLAND"!!!! and thts a good enuf excuse to bomb them!
by rock-a-turd February 09, 2005
the single most disgusting group of people on the planet. they feed on war, suffering and racism. they are warmongerers who invade other people's country's in a futile bid to give them "political freedom" (i.e. american facism). they are all morbidly obese child molesting pig-rapists who enjoy nothing more than being self-righteous small minded homophobic racist bullies. they also belive that the ability to shoot and maim innocent people make you free. their current leader, bush, is a shining example of why they shouldn't be alowed to be a free country. they belive that the world looks up to them, the pioneers of global warming, and proud creators of the extralarge mega big Mac. and they wonder why 9/11 happend (not that it was a good thing).
those fat, loud, mildly offensif tourists swearing and fighting? yep, they're the yanks.
by VOICE OF GOD!! February 02, 2008
A very derogatory term for an American. A term used by many countries of English descent, (other than America, obviously), to offend a U.S. citizen. Not everyone from these countries use it, so not all of them are "arse-holes".
The Yanks are visiting Japan.
Some Yank spilt my tea.
The Yanks like Baseball.
by Shad Miles January 20, 2015

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