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To talk aimlessly or stupidly

An abbreviation of yakkety-yak
Don't give me all that yakker - just answer the question!!
by sufrance August 08, 2009
A word what is used to describe people who live in Pit Villages on the outskirts of Hartlepool.
Woman 1: Can you lend me a tab please?
Woman 2: Ive only got roleys
Woman 1: My God! You must be a Yakker
Man 1: Whos that cunt who you were talking to last night?
Man 2: Oh that was Lee from Wingate.
Man 1: He had some shiney teeth on him didnt he?
Man 2: And he talks a load of shite
Man 1: He is King of the Yakkers
by Neale Cooper June 23, 2006
Baseball slang for a curve ball. Also referred to as Uncle Charlie.
That was a lights-out yakker Wainwright served up to Carlos Beltran in the Cards win over the Mets in the 7th game of the NCS.
by antelope al July 10, 2008
A promiscuous woman that enjoys giving oral sex.
My yakker came over and sucked all our dicks last nite.
by DooKDoGG February 19, 2008