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To talk aimlessly or stupidly

An abbreviation of yakkety-yak
Don't give me all that yakker - just answer the question!!
by sufrance August 08, 2009
1. noun: Idiot
2. adjective: Imbecilic

Note: the word is not a reference to being sodomized!
What are we listening to these twatty-arse wankers waste our time?!
by sufrance August 08, 2009
Talk stupidly or pointless

A combination of prattle, yakkety-yak and "twat" indicating the stupidity (not the gender!) of the person
Don't you realise pavements are for walking on - don't stand around cluttering up space going twakkle-twakkle into your phone!
by sufrance August 08, 2009
verb: to defecate

Pun on the unfortunately named voice-artist/singer
Typical grandmother enquiry: did the baby dokaka today?
by sufrance August 08, 2009

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