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A full-frontal assault launched upon one's nasal cavity, the weapon of choice being cocaine. Preferably fishscale, or pure.
Yo, Godson, did you see little Emmanuel Lewis last night? He definately got caught up in that Yak Attack. You could definately tell he was on the talcum, young boi gettin his freeze on all night. Bump, Bump, Bump, Bump, All in yo trunk...
by Mr. Whitefolks September 16, 2006
Getting talked at excessively by someone who doesn't let you speak; a one-sided conversation where the other person keeps on talking at you to the point where you just want to get away from that person.
My father-in-law came over for a visit this week-end and he did a yak attack on me.
by GettingTalkedAt February 08, 2010
Getting crazy stupid drunk.
If I were to drink 2 40's, a fourth a bottle of jack daniels, a fourth bottle of 151, another 40, then a corona in a short period of time that would be a yak attack.
by Chaos General June 13, 2004
Yak an extremely small town in northwestern montana, complete with saloon, one-room schoolhouse, and general store(this is it's entire town). The "Yak attack" is when bored natives drive in a triangle from Yak, to a town called Libby, to another town called Eurika, and back to Yak, hitting every bar along the way.
I survived the Yak Attack, but I have a serious hang over.
by greetings824 May 24, 2005
an aggressive form of fishing from a kayak resulting in a take no prisoners attitude.
David is normally a calm and mild mannered person during the day but once he takes his kayak out for a fishing trip, he transforms himself into a fish killer by going into "Yak Attack" mode.
by KayakDave June 11, 2011
Slang term used for cocaine by people who are funny, awesome, sardonic, sarcastic, light-hearted, or gangrenous. Possibly derived from cocaine's tendency to make partakers particularly chatty (as in prone to "yakking) and intensely interested in speed-talking about their relationship with their mother, their thoughts on national economy, or how much money is required for the nearest large-mammaried lass to let them do a line off her boob.
"I was planning to buy a laptop with my paycheck this month because I don't have any credit history, but I bought some yak attack and ended up doing lines at a strip club all night and spending $200 for a blowjob that I couldn't get it up for instead."
by Free Moose (limit 1 per prsn) March 30, 2011
You have had too much to drink so you walk by someones door who you don't like, open the door, yak (puke), then run.
Me: "Dude, I gave Dixon a Yak Attack last night. ROCKED HIS WORLD."
by murphystater February 05, 2011
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