The place with the real worst moderation system, really the suspend-happy moderators and no real customer support.
User: *Asking question* Why can't sperm whales walk on land?
Moderator: Automated Violation Notice Email: Your question has been deleted for sexually explicit content. Your account has been suspended from Yahoo Answers.
User: *sending counter notice* Sperm whales are a species of whales. There was no explicit sex or suggestive material.
Moderation system: Automated Email: *ignoring what User stated* Your account was suspended for sexually explicit content. Neither your question nor your account will be reinstated. If you try to give us any further explanation we will delete your email as well.
by sega31098 October 01, 2010
Site where some people come to ask serious questions and where some come to troll. Here are the types of people on this site.

Spammers: People who spam links to other websites.

Teenage girls: Most of them ask stupid questions.

Teenage guys: Most of them give stupid answers.

Trolls: Most ask racist questions.

Angry young women: Annoying people who rant at you for asking a reasonable question.

Angry young men: Annoying people who find it necessary to ask you a question in your question. (even if it has nothing to do with your question)

Creepy men: Most have the avatar with the guys that have squinty eyes and long hair and a big smile. They say perverted things to you.

People who shouldn't answer: People who answer for the points. They say things like "I'd like to know that too" or "I don't know"

People who don't answer/read the question (self explanatory.)

Then there are normal people

There is NO WAY to appeal to a report you get in your inbox, and so the only way to not get reported for sure is to not say anything at all.

PS- it is also funny as hell to get some idiot's account deleted.
Yahoo answers community sucks
Spammer: I just got a good deal on a laptop! I wasn't able to afford it at first because I couldn't find a good job, but I saved $150!!!

Teenage girls: Q: OMG me n this guy had sex last night and I'm afraid I could be prgnant! HELPP!!!
A: i dont kno maybbe he lieek askd u out cuz he thot u wax cuul.

Teenage guys: Q: Is my penis small if it is 2 inches? Will I grow? I am only 15?
A: I would date you! email me at! or Hey I'd show you the time of my life girl with my 13 inch!

Troll: Q: Why do black people like chicken? Is it in their dna?
A: All white people like mayo cuz their racist!
Angry young women: ex) Why do people like to suck up to popular people?
Their answer: The world doesn't revolve around you you know. maybe people would like you if would stop being so self-centered! (answer the question, dumbass.)
Angry young men: ex) Why do people make each other jealous?
A: Why do women feel the need to make us jealous? Why do women wear slutty outfits and expect us not to look? We'll never know the answer to your question.
Creepy men: Hey babe, I think your hot and I'd tap dat @$$! (avatar goes: <;D)
People who don't answer/read the question: Q: How do I make chili?
A: I personally like salads more than chili. (Who gives a fuck??)
by ....! January 29, 2011
"Yahoo! Answers" is Yahoo! Inc.'s solution to the average person's unformatted search engine questions. It allows Yahoo! E-Mail holders to ask any number of pointed questions, such as, "What is wrong with my vagina?" or "How can we stop Jaden Smith?" as well as, "Who is the President of France?" and, "No seriously, wtf is wrong with my vagina?"

Users can then receive answers from Yahoo! E-Mail "point seekers" - a special brand of people who try to answer as many questions as possible, then voting their own questions as the "Best Answer" in order to gain a delusive sense of Yahoo! internetz seniority. Because of an unparalleled level of quality control in the review of questions, users can generally expect their questions to be answered incorrectly or - with luck - answered unintelligibly.
"Yahoo! Answers" Question: What steps can I take to fix my own cell phone?

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters: Why bother? Throw that sh*t out and get a new one! Problem solved, bitch. Next question!
100% 1 Vote
by MagicalWhiffle July 01, 2011
I site that's only good when you're not the one asking a question; laugh at all the douches that know nothing, but ask something you really need to know and you'll never get it answered.
You: Ha ha dude this cheerleaders fucking stupid. Yahoo Answers is the best website!

Me: Unless you're trying to find out how to play ukulele. Darn assbox sucks men all over.
by Justateyourlunch. Hoe. April 22, 2009
a website where you can answer and ask questions. But some people use this website as a pasting time. Just like any other website, there are people call, "Trolls". Who go around deleting your ansers for no reasons or ask stupid questions like, "How can i get my pet high on weed?"
person 1: I'm bored
person 2: go on yahoo answers then. You can ask and answers questions
person 1: thanks
by punchie-247 July 14, 2009
A shameful site when it comes to Q&A and costumer service, I don't even know why it's the "2nd most visited". It probably has that title because mostly everyone I know goes on there to troll. Though, it's a pretty kick ass site when it comes to trolling and spam people and talk smack. However, in doing so one day or another you're gonna have to get suspended or get multiple so called "violations". The customer service is so bad, not even looking at some porn will cheer me up. On Y!A, since the site became pretty popular, it has grown several different trolls. Spammer trolls - Those who write long ass spam or answers to annoy the community and make people scroll down alot. best thing to do for this is thumb them down. Attitude trolls - I got to admit i do this sometimes, but anyways these are people who don't even bother reading the additional details and put stuff like "idk" or "i'm not sure about your question but <insert links to other websites or other bullshit here>. Flame trolls - Usually a bunch of older teens or adults with no life who leave smart ass answers on people's questions. Funny trolls - The 10% of all trolls on Y!A who are actually good and make the community laugh and are actually stating the truth. For example question on rate me 1-10...puts I rate you 1-10, gets 5 thumbs up.
Hi Devin,
The answer you gave on Yahoo!7 Answers was reported by the Answers community:
All I put was Try this website, a link, and I put it's free unlike iTunes..
This answer has been removed. You may not have realised this, but all answers submitted on Yahoo!7 Answers must comply with the Answers Community Guidelines.
If you believe that your answer does not violate the Answers Community Guidelines, and would like to appeal the removal of your answer, you can have your case reviewed by Answers Customer Care. You have 7 days to submit your appeal.
Appeal this decision:
<Insert Random link to question Y!A when really, I waited and they didn't respond for shit>
Yahoo!7 Answers Team - Yahoo Answers Example of I don't Give a Fuck, Suck my dick :) ^ that was even chosen as best answer.

Y!A Trolling example: xxNoobletEmoChickxx - Why Are boys so complicated. ?? Answers: Randomgirl - omg another one haven't you herd the song Complicated by Avril Lavgine? Funny Troll - So is your mom's body but you still love her right?...that's why I make love to her :)
by kevinonurban August 12, 2011
An evil website hell-bent on removing the balls from Americans and turning them into pussies
I'm 13 am I old enough for my boyfriend to finger me?

Sure it's completely natural.

by St3nDahL July 03, 2010

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