A site that everyone should encourage another corporation to create a similar competitor to because it has many flaws 1. stupid rules that can get you reported such as chatting with other users in a question 2. Idiots with no lives who report others for stupid things 3. Taking away of accounts unceremoniously without your knowing once you receive a few reports 5. shutting off the site to make stupid changes like way things look instead of correcting the above errors 6. Not limiting punishments to yahoo answers but taking away your entire account 7. not being more like youtube and letting everyone give a thumbs up or a thumbs down but rather allowing idiots to report for stupid reasons
That new website is such a yahoo answers.

I got rid of the website because it was so yahoo answers

That cheap website didn't last long because it turned into a yahoo answers
by Monroe Dubo August 04, 2008
The place with the real worst moderation system, really the suspend-happy moderators and no real customer support.
User: *Asking question* Why can't sperm whales walk on land?
Moderator: Automated Violation Notice Email: Your question has been deleted for sexually explicit content. Your account has been suspended from Yahoo Answers.
User: *sending counter notice* Sperm whales are a species of whales. There was no explicit sex or suggestive material.
Moderation system: Automated Email: *ignoring what User stated* Your account was suspended for sexually explicit content. Neither your question nor your account will be reinstated. If you try to give us any further explanation we will delete your email as well.
by sega31098 October 01, 2010
"Yahoo! Answers" is Yahoo! Inc.'s solution to the average person's unformatted search engine questions. It allows Yahoo! E-Mail holders to ask any number of pointed questions, such as, "What is wrong with my vagina?" or "How can we stop Jaden Smith?" as well as, "Who is the President of France?" and, "No seriously, wtf is wrong with my vagina?"

Users can then receive answers from Yahoo! E-Mail "point seekers" - a special brand of people who try to answer as many questions as possible, then voting their own questions as the "Best Answer" in order to gain a delusive sense of Yahoo! internetz seniority. Because of an unparalleled level of quality control in the review of questions, users can generally expect their questions to be answered incorrectly or - with luck - answered unintelligibly.
"Yahoo! Answers" Question: What steps can I take to fix my own cell phone?

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters: Why bother? Throw that sh*t out and get a new one! Problem solved, bitch. Next question!
100% 1 Vote
by MagicalWhiffle July 01, 2011
I site that's only good when you're not the one asking a question; laugh at all the douches that know nothing, but ask something you really need to know and you'll never get it answered.
You: Ha ha dude this cheerleaders fucking stupid. Yahoo Answers is the best website!

Me: Unless you're trying to find out how to play ukulele. Darn assbox sucks men all over.
by Justateyourlunch. Hoe. April 22, 2009
a website where you can answer and ask questions. But some people use this website as a pasting time. Just like any other website, there are people call, "Trolls". Who go around deleting your ansers for no reasons or ask stupid questions like, "How can i get my pet high on weed?"
person 1: I'm bored
person 2: go on yahoo answers then. You can ask and answers questions
person 1: thanks
by punchie-247 July 14, 2009
An evil website hell-bent on removing the balls from Americans and turning them into pussies
I'm 13 am I old enough for my boyfriend to finger me?

Sure it's completely natural.

by St3nDahL July 03, 2010
A question and answer website home to some of the biggest retards ever, besides maybe YouTube comments. You can get reported there for breathing. Half of the questions and responses are unintelligible from grammatical errors. Filled with racists, ignorant morons, religious extremists, and people who were apparently taught English by newborn orangutans.

A message board gone to hell.
Typical Yahoo Answers Question

i is 15, shud i havs babie?

Answer 1: no you is two young for baby. you need to grow up
Answer 2: i am 17 and has baby. people tell me it was bad idea but i dont regret it
Answer 3: all teens is so stupuid. i is smart and i is 19. you are stupid i hopes you die. dumb b*tch
by Guinevere56746 February 10, 2013
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