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A word usually said when something is funny or just becuase you want to say it. Also can be used as another form of yeah.
"Dude did you see that movie yesterday?"


"Thats what she said!"
"hahaha yackle"
by xxxtheraptorxxx February 06, 2010
A socially awkward person who usually speaks in a nasally tone.
"You know that kid in our math class who wears the same shirt everyday and doesn't talk to anyone?"

"Yeah, that kid is a yackle"
by Bfenns November 12, 2011
To impale or "shank" someones nutsack.
Boy: You know, you look like you've put on some weight.

Girl: Imma Yackle you up, foo'!
by MuffinMushroom May 02, 2011

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