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Homo chaffass.(Commonly referred to as the North American Hairless Polar Bear) A distinct breed of northeastern albino mammals; Nocturnal creature, due to extreme sensitivity to the sun and lack of melanin in the skin; Generally little to no body hair, due to lack of sweat glands; Habitat is that of cave dwellings and underground burrows within the large roots of the Ficus tree; Although extremely rare, sitings have been reported in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania by hunters who identified the animal as resembling a human sized naked mole rat with no tail; If one happens to come in contact with a Yablonski and is bitten, extreme pain and discomfort will occur. Although non-poisonous, medical attention should be sought due to possibility of rabies, which can be the result of a bite from any wild animal.
While drinking beer and spotting deer, Johnny became startled when he caught the glimpse of a Yablonski feasting on the remnants of a decomposed raccoon corpse.
by Kremer Kleinmacher Ph.D. March 10, 2008
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