A bright, yet laid back, affirmation of just about anything.
Natalie: "Did you buy the cake for Ben's birthday?!"

Ashley: "Ya ya."
by akshu August 21, 2009
a slang word for saying yay and because of my misspelling lol
yaya i got that 1 girl iv always wanted ;)
by liam butler May 22, 2008
Yaya is a word from the extinct Mohabi language. It means, waterfall.
Niagra Falls is a type of yaya.
by yaya January 27, 2004
Kick-ass best friends. Mainly a small Group of beautiful woman (four) who are with each other through everything. Spontanous and always have a great time together. Each with different personalitys that some how mesh together perfictly. They are compleatly sure of themselfs with each other, and not embarresed of anything when together. Originanated in the hot sweet-tea-and-chicken part of the south of the U.S. Y<3 is their symbol.
Guy 1:I heard the Yayas went skinny dipping last night...
guy 2: Well they are Yayas..
by Ick Yaya. July 02, 2011
a pork shish kabob with greek seasoning having a color similar to that of a vagina
we had some amazing ya ya kabobs at the race track the other night
by melvin925 July 09, 2009
Youth and Young Adult. Refers to things associated with people who are 18-to-24 years olds. It especially refers to things like trends, technology, and media. Baby Boomers stay Baby Boomers as the get older. You're only a YAYA if you're 18-24.
"Man, that new iPhone is so YAYA. My parents will never learn to use it."
by Onyxxx August 04, 2008
n. - Vagina, female genitalia. Generally in reference to the whole package from the bush to the taint
She shaved her yaya before her big date.
by BakaTBakaSTakaT.Cz February 26, 2007
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