Ya Ma is used by middle schoolers of the North East of England, nd it basically means ure mam!
i HAD ya ma last night, nd ya ma was good
by x-LoU-x March 24, 2005
Top Definition
A phrase used by people of the north east, not just the incorrectly named "chavs" (as anyone from up north will know they are called charvas)
"I had ya ma last night"
"thats not what ya ma said last neet"
"fuck ya ma"
"ya ma's my da"
The name given to the sexiest of men. A Yama could wrestle a lion with his bare hands. A Yama only dates the best looking girls.
Yeah That girl is really lucky she got with Yama, I heard he wrestled a lion before...SO SEXY!
by CvilleWrestler December 21, 2010
Detroit term for money
Im gettin' YAMA boiiiiiiiiiii
by 313J July 06, 2011
Your Mother. Used by Scousers and northerners on Bully Victims, or as a quick comeback to anything or everything.

North west of England in the year '22' when a Scouser known as Smigga, turned to Jesus on his UK tour and asked where he was the night earlier. Jesus said, ''Manchester... it was hell mint'' and being the polite guy he was, he turned and asked back, "you?"

Of course he knew he was going to say having intercourse with your mother, so he stopped the little bastard mid-sentence and crippled his nipple with his LASER EYES

the reply:

"shaggin ya maaaAAAAHHH!"

it caught on.
True story.
Bully: ay kid. Ya ma eats out of wheelie bins...
Kid: :(

Pete Price: YOU PEASANT!!
Scouser: pete.. Ya ma.
by ya maa on toast June 23, 2009
Nice Car, nice shades, and will break yo neck if you talk smack
King Yama ruled AFG.
by Anonymous March 05, 2003
The Lord of the underworld or death.
Yama was Lord of death in the japan ancient history.
by katrice99 February 15, 2008
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