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A small town on the northwest coast of North America in Washington state. It is the reservation of the Quileute indian tribe. In the books "Twilight", "New Moon", "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer, some of the Quileute's turn into wolves as the result of a genetic defense system to protect the tribe from vampires. Jacob Black is one of these werewolves, he is the best friend of Bella Swan and she completely depended on him during the difficult time in which Edward, her vampire boyfriend, left her. Jacob and (by the end of "Breaking Dawn") around fifteen other Quileute teenagers (all male except for Leah Clearwater) can at will (or at the point of excessive anger) shape-shift into wolf form. La Push is around fifteen miles from Forks, the small town in which Bella and the rest of the Cullens live. It rains most of the time in La Push as well as the rest of the Olympic Peninsula.La Push has a very beautiful beach, First Beach. It has very little sand but is mostly covered in stones and pebbles of virtually every colour. The younger residents of La Push often partake in cliff diving as a recreational activity, Jacob also taught Bella how to ride a motorcyle along the cliffs there.
Bella: Hey, I'm visiting Jacob in La Push this weekend.

Edward: Make sure you shower when you get home, you will REEK of werewolf.
by Xandico August 09, 2008
An irritating, annoying and down-right idiotic saying for people who cannot come up with a clever reply. Ashamed to say that it is primarily used in my birth-place, the North East of England. My friend says it often because she knows it annoys me.
My friend: "YA MA!"

Me: *Crys*

My friend: "Ya Ma lives in a car and that's why she doesn't love you"
by Xandico May 18, 2008

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