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too many more to mention
thats my ysabelle!
by rj18 March 08, 2009
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A lovely girl who is very beautiful and pretty. She may not know it so you might want to convince her. She is a very good friend and she will make an excellent girlfriend. She is very trust worthy and you can talk to her about anything. Ysabelle is a very lovable girl and she makes a very amazing girlfriend. She has amazing abilities which include making her boyfriend very happy. She is also a very strange child how ever that is what makes her great and lovable. You can also be yourself around her and she won't judge you which is another great and awesome thing about her. T. She is also very shy, but she probably has alot f things on her mind. She will also believe in you more than anyone, and wants to let you know that there is hope for you. Ysabelle will always be on you're side, and will always be there for you.
"You should ask Ysabelle, you can always count on her."
by A very special person March 18, 2013
A very pretty girl who could easily be classified as a midget.
Ysabelle has doll eyes; sometimes they are abnormally large. She can be very flatulent--and it can smell like shit. Ysabelle can talk about her fling for hours to her friend without the friend even having to say a single word. She likes to slap people's asses, so it's best to wear butt pads around her. Ysabelle is generally a wonderful, normal person, but if you draw pictures of genitals around her, she may go crazy with laughter and roll around on the carpet.
Did that short girl with the big eyes just fart? What an Ysabelle!
by DanaEllen March 08, 2011

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