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Acronym for You Only Meck Once, a play on words stemming from the popular saying, YOLO (You Only Live Once).

Meck being the pivotal word, utilised in any saying or phrase. It can be used to replace any word, to the users discretion.

YOMO is a direct representation of meck's rapid infiltration into social media circles, the voice of a generation, sick of utilising the same tragic sayings.

YOMO is a meckolution (revolution, with the use of meck), not a mecktatorship, but a meckocracy aiming to be the voice of the meckers.
I asked Mr Smith to cut my hair the other day, but he said no, he was worried he might meck it up. I answered him with go on, its ok, YOMO!
by gmeck March 18, 2013
Stands for You Only Marry Once. This promotes happier marriages and less divorces.
Dude, I just got engaged today. I am so happy! YOMO!
by December 02, 2013
Acronym for 'You Only Marry Once'. Usually used ironically, given the prevalence of divorce in today's society.
Bride: 'Oh my god! This veil costs $5000, should I buy it?'

Bridesmaid: 'YOMO!!!!'
by homewrecker246 April 16, 2013
Short for Your mum or ya mum or yo mumma
Yo mo is so fat she can't even fit in this joke

Bob: Who you guys talkin about
Everyone: Yo mo,,,,(douche bag)
by Mitchell Locke June 29, 2009
People who over use the expression YOLO, are infact homo's.
Student stands on top of his desk and starts screaming YOLO, another student kicks the desk out from underneath him screaming YOMO
by LangerBanger April 04, 2012
Yogurt Mountain

The best place to hangout for pennies when everything else is closed.
Hey, ya wanna go to Yomo?
by flagella1 July 29, 2011
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