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YMV is a word game intended to fool unwitting participants into asking a "where" question so that the respondent can reply with an answer ending in "your momma's vagina."
Jake: Check out this wrist watch. You wouldn't believe where I found it.
Micky: It's nice, where'd you get it.
Jake: Your momma's vagina!
Micky: Crap, YMV...

Roy: I was up late last night. Know where I went?
Albert: Where dude?
Roy: Your momma's vagina!
Albert: Dude I suck at YMV!
by Jocko Tam February 21, 2008
A click in arizona standing for Young Money Vultures
est. by a yuong kid named kenny smith. Now popular in southern phoenix & the west valley. started out as a family organization now accepts awide varity of people. located all around az. In every corner.
YMV is the shit
YMV runs phoenix
by wv13 August 09, 2011

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