Top Definition
You fucking deserve it.

Popularly used on the site when someone complains about how their life sucks but viewers recognize that they got what was coming to them for being so dumb.
Dan73: Today, my girlfriend woke up and asked me to grab her thong from behind the bed. There were two. I didn't grab hers. FML.

Chzr5: lol, yfdi
by atlast53 April 04, 2009
You fucking deserve it.
guy 1: chrissy dumped me today. =( she found out that i cheated on her
guy 2: dude, YFDI!!!
by hahahaha_sucksforu April 03, 2009
you fucking damn idiot
keith: shit i hooked up with that ho last night and she's pregnant
tim: nice job, yfdi!!
by yoeggoispreggo April 03, 2009

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