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A word used in Sparta, Tennessee. Yert is a greating or word used to indicate ones happiness or approval.
Lil Johnny yelled out the door of his 4 wheel drive truck "Yert" as he rolled past his friends sitting at Sonic.
by spunkie124 April 10, 2009
Yert is a term used to counter a stupid comment and/or situation. Yert may also be used to display your disappointment, like when a friend doesn't respond to a text message, you are authorized to yert them. This technique will usually illicit a response from said yertee by overwhelmingly offending them with embarrassment, disgrace and forcing them to feel guilty by way of the "yert code". To understand the yert, you must use the yert. Once you use the yert, you will most likely become addicted to the yert. The yert can be drawn out for a longer period of time to express a more severe infraction. When utilizing yert in a text message, you should add more t's to the end of the yert to express your exaggerated disappointment in the situation, comment, response. ie: - yerttttttt.
Question: "Can I borrow 20 bucks bro?"

Response: "Uhhhh....yert."

Question: "You coming out to watch the Bruins sweep the Penguins at the bar son?"
Response: "Nah man I'm baking cookies with the woman tonight."

" just got yerted."
by Dubble U June 09, 2013
when you do something Michele or Bella would do or wen you are at a loss of words and need something to say
"she was a mess last night" " yert"
by sweeetcheeks December 05, 2014
Jern yammin on the hoop like it wasn't nothin.
Drainin threes, foul line dunkin, gettin numba's.yert
by kevin deyoung May 10, 2008
the involuntary spray of saliva that is launched out of your mouth - named for the sound it would make if it had one
I attempted to speak but yerted instead.
by Aunt Jess March 21, 2007
Basically a spide, trendy or whatever, only just a bit more of a dickhead.
Yert, yert, yert, yero!
by DEO! April 22, 2004
yo,whats up ,look out,incoming,get out of the way
talkin bout YERT
by captcolonic November 17, 2003

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