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Your Balls are Showing
YBAS stands for "your balls are showing" from the movie "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls."
by gilliango September 20, 2011
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Your bull-sh*t Acronyms
"Stop texting me YBA, I have no idea what that means!"
by Blklight March 10, 2010
Young British Artist. Used for a generation of artists active from around 1990 to the present; controversial, 'cutting edge' art.
"Damien Hirst is a YBA. His new sculpture
is and anatomically sectioned cow."
by Cory March 21, 2004
your boobs are spectacular
used to sign off email by men and close girlfriends

(used at the end of an email)

tom (or fill in your name here)

often used in response to lymi
by maria28516 July 31, 2009
nickname for a homosexual person

Acronym origin unknown
That guy is YBA.
Don't be a YBA.
You're a YBA.
by Nuklearrabbit November 21, 2007

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