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The offically crunk way of sayin "yes". Usually said with excitement. Probably originated by the king of crunk, Lil' Jon from ATL.
"YAYUUUUHHHHH!!!!!" Also, see Dave Chapelle's skit on Lil' Jon. He perfectly exmplifies the correct usage of "YAYUH".
by A-ToWn-ZoNe-6 March 15, 2004
the revised version of hell yeah originating from rapper lil' jon's usage in his songs
Person 1:You fallin up in da club tonight?

Person 2:YAYUH!!!
by May 16, 2004
Yayuh-A very "OG" or CrUnK way of saying yea,yes,etc.
Sally-Hey Joe what's up?
Joe-Nothing much...u?
Sally-Not much either.
Joe-YAYUH!!!! thats what I thought bizatch!
by Kinslee December 29, 2005
a term used in excitement. commonly used by a group of asian bballers. also, yayuh is often said with chopping hand motions, where you stiffen up your arms and move them infront of your stomach as if rubbing your belly in the air.
while on ride at great america: "yAYUHHHhhhhh"

Wow pwns! "yayuhhhh"
by Lisa Y June 30, 2005
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