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Abbreviation for You Are The Biggest Pussy I Know. One of the newest, most disgraceful words in the english language provoking feelings of deep despair and suicidal thoughts. The person being "raved" on is made a social outcast and complete bitch to people in his/her life. The term refers to a person just being a pussy, but since there is so much emphasis in saying that the person is a pussy, the fag getting wrecked must inquire as to why a person or group of people hate him that much. For this reason, the person feels that he/she must kill him/herself, and with valid reason.
Alex: Hey guys! Want to go out tonight for some drinks?
Augie: Are you sure you want to do that?
Alex: Yea of course! Why?
Augie: Because the last time you had a beer in your hands you nursed that shit until it got warm.
Alex: Screw you dude.
Augie: You were tipsy when you took two sniffs of your beer you pussy.
Bobby: Yea you were pretty gay.
Dito: And I saw you make out with some dude with a scarf in the bathroom.
Ralph: Will you please just come out of the closet and admit that you're gay already? We all saw gay porn on your computer.
Alex: Screw you guys, I'm going to play online poker.
Dito: No wait! You can come as long as you don't finger yourself in the corner of the bar like you did last time.
Bobby: And you have to take the vibrator out of your ass before we go.
Alex: Fuck you guys I'm not going.
Ralph: I knew it, YATBPIK.
by Ralphi April 08, 2010
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