Yet Another Box Opening/ Yet Another Packet Opening
Hey guys, PipeFriendCHS here with another YAPO
by YAPOmaster January 23, 2012
an addicting drug that once you do it , you get hooked for life and smoke some every minute. Also a buttfucking person whos a fancy crapo. A fudge packer.
look at that yapo
by mark December 11, 2003
An addictive drug dealed out by Ms. Yapo. Also known as crapo.
'Sup nigga, wanna go smoke a y with me and my homies.
by Big Boned November 05, 2003
Y? Y smoke some y? Yapo is an addictive drug doled out by Ms/Mr. Fancy Crapo, a fatass math teacher who enjoys being a racist piece of shit. Has a stupid accent, like a southerner. Yapo is the most addictive substance on Earth. SMOKE SOME!!!
Smoke some y!!!
by Hot Karl December 15, 2003

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