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YAFI: You're All Fucking Idiots

Acronym to be used in instances where the SF Stupidity Factor limits have been exceeded by a group other than your own. It allows you to convey your opinion of the group in open air to your colleagues in a discreet manner.

Most effective when inserted nonchalantly into conversation with the group in question in such a manner as to not raise suspicion (neutral tone and nodding are recommended for a successful implementation). Maximum results are yielded when you are accompanied by one or more cohorts who have knowledge of the term.
Doug: OK, well that didn't work due to YAFI, so what is the next step?
Others: We have to get back to you on that.
by T. Walsh / Ronan XVII January 12, 2005
short for you're a friggin (or your "F" word of choice) idiot. Used for those who support idiotic ideas.
I was watching cable news listening to someone and the moderator should have just said ," YAFI YAFI YAFI".
by Jamfetto October 10, 2009
Your an OU fan? YAFI!
by wirelesspleasure July 21, 2010
You're a f*cking idiot
I have only one thing to say to you. YAFI.
by OHMSS1956 June 15, 2012
Acronym for You Asked For It
Won't ya stop staring at my lunch? Okay, YAFI!!!
by Er Granduca March 27, 2008