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Meaning 'Yet Another Boring Introduction'. Usually when someone is browsing forum posts and another member introduces themselves with information no one cares about.
"Hey, I'm Bob and I like to ride my bike!"

"... YABI!"
by Christafart May 20, 2008
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Acronym: You ain't bout it (YABI).

Simply means that "it" isn't for you or that you're not down for "it."
Occasionally used as a response for just about anything.

Can be substituted with other pronouns.
-They ain't bout it (TABI)
-I ain't bout it (IABI)
-He ain't bout it (HABI)
-She ain't bout it (SABI)
-Whattttt! Aw she ain't bout it (WASABI)
You: Wanna go turn up tonight?
Friend: No, I have school and work tomorrow morning.
You: YABI.
by SouthSideSlangz February 25, 2014

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