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Another name for cipher and Shinigami (Angel of Death).
Xypher is back from HELL!
by Kae November 14, 2003
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A gust or wind. Derivative of Zephyr.
by Xypher October 16, 2003
another word for cipher.
Xypher variation of word cipher.
cipher minus C - I and then add X Y in there places constitutes a more interesting pronounciation . - Xypher
by TE_hy2_Xypher July 09, 2003
A gentle person.
Xypher, a great guy.
by concealed July 09, 2003
A not quite badass geek/nerd who lives a life of boredom and particularly loves ciphers, but has interests in computers and gaming as well.
I am a real Xypher, there is no substitution.(not a homo kid)
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