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The video that killed the radio star.
Video killed the radio star.
by kae September 12, 2004
Another name for cipher and Shinigami (Angel of Death).
Xypher is back from HELL!
by Kae November 14, 2003
What one does while in the bathtub.
Gosh, I couldn't help myself, I had to Thena.
by Kae July 30, 2004
It means zero. It also means the God of Death.
AXZ is back from HELL!
by Kae November 14, 2003
soft and flabby; pillowy
Hey! You're not fat! You're quaggy!
by Kae October 17, 2003
any one's butt normly focest tourds a female
look at that ladys badunk
by kae May 07, 2005
someone who is easy to talk to, a beautiful strong girl who will always be my best friend! She will be my friend forever and sister for life!
I love my lil sister so much!
Enjolique Nicole Is Katie Madelines Best Friend Forver
by Kae September 25, 2004

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