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Xiphoid, also known as a Retractable Forearm Dagger, is a class of weapons with a blade that is retractable into a forearm worn wristband or bracer sheath.Designed for swift and quick surprise attacks.
Xiphoid is used with other wrist-mounted weapons: claw xiphoid, gun xiphoid, spike xiphoid
Weapons know as Xiphoids include wrist-blades, forearm-swords, wrist-spikes, wrist-crossbow, wrist-flamethrower,hidden sleeve gun rigs, etc.

In the movie "Hellboy" the character Kroenen snaps out a pair of bladed xiphoids to fight with.
by Weaponeer February 25, 2009
Sword-shaped object
My xiphoid of justice pierced your weak coil of evil
by larstait October 11, 2003
the Xiphoid is part of the Sternum
My Xiphoid is hurting, quick get some water!!
by Mandy/Amanda October 02, 2007
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