The fear any OU Sooner fan has for anyone from Texas. If you say you are from Texas, they assume you are a Texas Longhorn fan in Oklahoma with the intent of saying or doing evil to an OU Sooner fan. If you say Texas, they will automatically add Longhorn with a Pavlov's Dog type of reaction.
Hey, Joe, don't be such a xenophobe toward this Texan. This Texan is a Texas A&M Aggie fan, and they brand Bevo Longhorns if given the chance, with 11-0.
by samwiser August 11, 2011
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Basically, to hate or be afraid of people from different cultures, religions or ethnic origins.

Comes from the word xenophobic.
If you are ever caught doing something racist use this word in your defence.
by Jade November 23, 2003
1. Someone afraid of aliens.

2. Someone afraid of foreigners.
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
scared of foriegn people
fo' reel, them white peoples is evil.

shut up, fou. you aint notin but a xenophobe.

Hey! where'd'you lern a word like dat!
by cinnabun! August 28, 2003
some one scared of strangers
by Anonymous October 01, 2003
n.,adj. people who believe that their pristine environment/homeland is closed to anyone but themselves, or people who came before
People move to Montana to escape "urbania", and a xenophobe there would criticize those who later do the same.

by fourofspades October 02, 2003
A Xenophobe is simply someone who hates foreigners. Usually an Alf Garnet Type.
I'm NOT a xenophobe, I just can't stand Fucking foreigners!
by A Garnet February 23, 2005

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