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Xela is a place in Guatemala, particularly the city of Quetzaltenango, where all the hippies come and enjoy.
I want to go to Xela this summer to get free booze!
by Mintibit May 21, 2011
Xela is my middle name. It is pronounced ZELL-ah. I thought I was the only Xela in the world, but I googled the name and found a couple others. However, they pronounce it SHAY-lah.
Xela is a name for a girl, an X used instead of a Z for the place whence Caesar sent the message, "Veni, vidi, vici."
by Xela April 05, 2004
My best friend. xelA is just alex spelled backwards. He is the coolest guy i know. He's funny, handsome and has the coolest curly hair you ever did see. He plays the piano, sings, plays guitar, plays hacky sack, goes on dates with Laura, bike rides(mountain and road), drives a Lexus, and plays ping pong. He also likes Comedy Central and Coheed and Cambria. He is my cool (big) brother.
Aliases: Bagida Bajam, Alfred da Playa, and Sandy.
I love my best friend xelA.
by the juan(ydoc) March 02, 2004
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