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xbox fanboys
by YOU = TEH WAPANESE October 26, 2003
A creature that dwells from the depths of Microsoft studios, these creatures are mass produced and then sent to work on forums, protecting mother Microsoft at all costs in pointless forums and creating flamewars with anyone that dares to insult Microsoft in anyway.

There have been cases where one Xbot can clone itself into multiple users in exactly one nanosecond to defend mother Microsoft from petty verbal abuse.
User 1: Hey Microsoft scammed!
Xbot: You will be exterminate, exterminate! *clones*
Xbot 1: Exterminate, exterminate!
Xbot 2: Exterminate, exterminate!
Xbot 3: Exterminate, exterminate!
Xbot 4: Exterminate, exterminate!
User 1: Aaaaah! There is too many of them!
by Club Blue December 26, 2010
A robot made entirely out of Xbox parts, created by Ethan from the online comic CTRL+ALT+DEL
LUCAS: Ethan!...What the?...How did?..when ..what...what did you do?!

ETHAN: You don't get to be upset Mr.-DITCH-YOUR-FRIENDS-FOR-WORK.

LUCAS: Well had I known that you were going to have a psychotic break and ruin our Xbox, I would have called in sick.

ETHAN: Not ruined. Improved.

LUCAS: Oh really? Can it clean up after you?

ETHAN: On top of being able to play not only regular Xbox games, but imports too!

XBOT: Hehe. I can play with myself.

ETHAN: "snicker"

by Cory Kite February 25, 2004
Noun: Xbot

Plural: Xbots

A Hardcore fan of Microsoft and the gaming console and anything related to the Xbox. These fans resembled the actions of mindless robots(bots) that do what they are programmed by Microsoft no matter what bad or good decisions that Microsoft makes these Xbots will support because they are program to do so. The discovery of the Xbots phenomenon was just a theory among the gaming world, But have been worldly accepted as true as of the release of the xbox one Conference which confirmed the Xbots existence.
You xbots would listen to Microsoft if they told you to connect your penis off.
by The Professor Layton August 20, 2013
A person who is blindly, fanatically loyal to Microsoft. Will immediately buy anything with the Xbox logo and mindlessly insult anyone who doesn't share their fanaticism, and would proclaim a blank disc with "Halo" scribbled on it to be the greatest game ever made. Rarer than the Nintendrone, but no less lame.

See also: pathetic, fanboy, moron
Silly Xbot, Halo's way better on PC.
by Shinigami March 06, 2005
An annoying ass person who loves to agrivate the shit out of people and make thousands of points trying to prove that the X-Box systems are the best video game systems in the world.
gayfaggot117 - "X-Box 360 is the best console in the world"
coolman23 - "no, xbox 360 isnt the best console, but it is good"
gayfaggot117 - "Shut Up!!!!! or ill eat ur asshole alive!!!!!!!!!!!"
coolman23 - "man, fuck u, u X-bot"
gayfaggot117 - "i aint an X-bot u piece of shit!"
by Killerapp1023 April 24, 2010
An Xbot is someone who defends the Xbox brand based on actual facts presented to the discussion. Most "xbots" are usually fans of the Xbox gaming system. Xbot is only a term used by a "sony pony" (see urban dictionary for a indef detail of a sony pony) because they refuse to accept anyone defending Xbox. There are various unbiased people (usually YouTubers or some various gaming journalists) that only report on news. If the news is positive for Xbox in anyway, then Sony fans will usually call them "xbot". Being called an Xbot is not a negative thing. If you're called an Xbot, it means you've presented something factual and a Sony fan is upset that you gave Xbox a positive light.

"Microsoft has just announced more AAA games to be shown exclusively on Xbox at E3". "STFU XBOX SUCKS YOU STUPID XBOT!"
by NxTGaming December 14, 2014

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