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The act of disappearing; Saying you are going to do something and never do; Always forgetting something crucial; Leaving out important details
Joe: Man where is Bob at? He told us to meet him here!

Mike: Maaaan that fool is xaving.

Rob: Man did you get the rellos?

Seth: Oh shit, I bad.

Rob: You xaving...

Bill: Hey are you guys ready to go?

Randy & Mark: Yeah, let's go!

Bill: Do you guys have my gas money?

Randy: Gas Money?

Bill: Mark didn't tell you I wanted 5 bucks for gas?

Randy: I've been with him all day and he didn't even mention it once!!!

Mark: My bad bro, ON MY MOMMA I thought I told you!!!

Randy: SMH
by KingLazarus August 03, 2011
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