Sha-vee (n.) (A.K.A. Humphrey Bogart) The love child of Paul Scholes and Robert Downey Jr. - wild mushroom picker - expert back passer - and protector his two young butt buddies, Lio Messi and Cesc Fabregas

(v.) The act of self-righteously shit talking about every team that beats you or even comes close to beating you, while claiming that FC Barcelona is the only team in the world that knows and wants to play football.

(v.) the act of gathering your whole team to surround the referee. Then you cry and yell at him until you get the decision you desire.
Dude, don't Xavi me. The object of football is to prevent and score more goals than the other team, not back pass and play monkey in the middle for 90 minutes
by Massimo Busacca August 12, 2011
Top Definition
A world-class centre midfielder from Barcelona. Keeps the team together. Probably the best player in the world.
Xavi is the best

Did you see that sublime pass from Xavi that split the defence apart?
by Aimar April 30, 2005
Now the Spanish word for cunt.
Marcos: Did you hear what he said?
Carlos: Yes I did, what a fucking Xavi
by goonerbear93 July 21, 2010
A guy you want to butter your muffin. A Xavi will not only light up your world, but also will screw the lightbulb in. He's long, tan, and handsome. He can be an angel on the outside, but a devil in bed. Xavi is one of the funniest people you will ever meet, and is incredibly smart. A best friend you will ever have (especially in bed)!
Girl 1: You know Xavi?!
Girl 2: WHO DOESNT!!!!!!

booty hot sexy penis kinky muffin amazing
by chamomilekitty69 December 20, 2015
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