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The pimpinest name dere eva was.

Refers to a fine girl, that you would very much like to "hit".
Damn son, xandria three o-clock
#boom city #fine #chick #beautiful #hitable
by mitchelton April 04, 2009
the very best girl you will ever meet and it doesnt come any better than her.

An xandria is the best of the best she is a boss
An Xandria is chill af.
I wish i was an xandria
#boss #swag #freshtodeath #cool af #preppy #bad
by nothin on mee October 29, 2011
An awesome symphonic metal band from Germany!

Was founded in 1994 by guitarist Marco Heubaum.

Their first album, Kill The Sun, was released in 2003. Following albums were Ravenheart, India, Salome - The Seventh Veil(final album with Lisa Middelhauve), and Neverworld's End(first album with Manuela Kraller).

In 2008, Lisa departed from the band citing personal reasons. The following year, Kerstin Bischof filled in as a replacement however, a year later, Kerstin decided to leave the band to focus more on a different career and Lisa re-entered the band for a brief period of time for a series of concerts in mid 2010 and then later departed again. In December of that year, the band announced Manuela Kraller as their new frontwoman. She made her live debut in January of 2011. A year later, Xandria released their first album with her, titled "Neverworld's End".

The only problem that has come with Manuela entering the band is the constant comparisons to Nightwish due to the fact that Manuela's style is similar to that of Tarja's although, if you listen closely enough, you will hear the differences in the music.
James: Hey did you see that Xandria show the other night?

Nolan: Yeah, I did! They were awesome!

James: I know! Manuela is such an awesome singer! Great choice!

Nolan: I agree. Lisa was awesome but Manuela is awesome too!

Evan: They're such a Nightwish rip-off with Manuela.

James and Nolan simultaneously: SHUT UP!
#symphonic metal #lisa middelhauve #manuela kraller #metal #germany
by I shot Barney December 08, 2012
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