A popular search term in P2P networks that denotes German porno. The videos are characterized by excessive talking during the filming (in German) and bad 70s style music.
XXL - Sex on farm (full).mpg
by Kristof Benes March 30, 2006
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The standard "medium" size for most Americans.
Hmmm, Damn, just XXL. Do you have anything bigger?
by Alexei Tajzler December 27, 2002
v. Describes the size of clothing worn by your mother
"That sweater is XXL"
by tom November 20, 2002
A fat lesbian. XX is the genetic makeup for a female. XXL both refers to size and sexual preference.
She looks so fat and butch she must be XXL
by Argusm May 05, 2007
The Standard "Medium" size for most citizens of the United Kingdom.
Hmm, damn, XXL? Got any larger sizes mate? Ugh, where are my digestives?
by Ohsnap!!! December 31, 2009
Rap / Hip Hop Magazine
Hey, did you see XXL this month?
by Paul February 03, 2005

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