Slang term that is short for Ex-Ho. A term to refer to your ex-girlfriend(or significant other).
Todd: Hey look in the corner, it is my XO!

Steve: Oh yeah, that is the girl that that hooked up with Mikey and Jay when you were in San Franciso at the Star Wars Convention.
#slut #bitch #cheater #ho #loose
by kinglimey July 22, 2008
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XO - hugs and kisses
Actually, it's kiss (X) and hug (O)
I'll see you soon Julie,
by JD April 21, 2005
"Slogan" of The Weeknd, or Abel Tesfaye's crazy good orgasm-inducing and thought provoking musical act, so to speak.

Stands for Ecstacy and Oxycodone.
Thats that north north that up top that OVO and that XO

"Initiation" - The Weeknd
...Baby get familiar with the order
Just crack it, then pour it, then sip slow, then tip low
My eyes red but my brim low, that XO, she climbing
Straight to the top, forget why she there in the first place
No more crying, heart rate's low, put that rum down you don't wanna die tonight...
#ecstacy #oxycodone #the weeknd #abel tesfaye #music
by CRIPKILLA July 28, 2012
Executive Officer of an army unit. Normally the second in command of a unit as small as a company and as large as a brigade. The XO is responsible for the staff, logistics, maintenance and basically making sure everything runs smooth for the commander. At the company level its usually a 1LT, battalion level a MAJ and brigade a LTC. At higher echelon units, the XO is called the deputy commander or assistant division commander.
"The XO wants all the vehicles squared away before the long weekend"

"You better get your 4187 signed by the commander before he goes on leave otherwise you'll have to play 20 questions with the XO when he is the acting commander"
#army #command #maintenance #logisitics #staff #executive officer #company #battalion #brigade
by hit the hole pole man March 09, 2006
Blow Job face, the nice little face your girl makes when she blows you.
Did you see her XO?? it was the sexiest thing ever!!
#blow job. girlfriend #sex #fellatio #oral sex #head
by Monstercock69 June 16, 2009
X= ecstacy o=oxycodone the weeknds logo/crew
We reppin xo till the death
#the weeknd #drake #sosa #3hunna #gbe #ectsacy
by TillTheDeathXO September 09, 2015
An expletive used by a Bushman when stepping on a thorn
Wow are those elephants over ther...ah xoes!
#dammit #shit #fuck #sweet baby jesus #ouch
by X-r-ated November 14, 2011
Chibi face, suggesting that person has been poked in the eye
...Hello >.>
ow! x.o
by Icephoenix November 21, 2004
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