(ex-eff-el)Verb: To Fail At Somthing that is sought to be a great action.
Did you hear about Josh when he tried to hook up with that chick? He got XFLed.
by Box1ngBear July 02, 2007
Top Definition
(verb) To discontinue an activity after the first attempt or within a year of the activity's inception, whichever comes first.
The TV sitcom on Comedy Central called "That's My Bush" got XFL'ed.
by Brad Dotlich March 31, 2003
N.) X-Treme Football League. A crappy football league created by Vince Mcmahon and launched in Feburary 2001. It started out very strong, but it's ratings literally cut in half every week and by the end of it's season, in April 2001, approximately 549 on the Planet were still watching. Vince McMahon also lost about $72 million with the XFL as well. The XFL nowadays causes massive amounts of laughter just by mentioning it. (He Hate Me!)
Homer: "I'm geared up for the all new season of the XFL."
Marge: "Uh, Homer..."
by G-Union December 18, 2003
(noun) X-Treme Football League; the name of a failed football league created by WWF/WWE owner, VInce McMahon. This football league lasted only one season before being canceled.
90% of North America hated the XFL.
by Brad Dotlich March 31, 2003
The most hardcore, intense, degenerate Fantasy league in all of sports. In the XFL the grass is always green and the Cabaret is full of Kings. An XFL pre game meal consists of C4 sandwiches topped with chlorine for salt and gunpowder for pepper. Each year 10 members go in but only 1 can claim the Heavyweight Title. Landmines and snipers can be found at the draft. XFL members always inform other members of any good brew -n- screws or jerk & squirts they encounter. Midget strippers, "Burning Diesel",explosives training sessions and stories about "Pistolita" can be included in XFL activities.
Ron Zook got so Xtreme last night he definately earned his spot in the XFL!
by Coach Boris Ramnovitch July 09, 2009
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