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The act of murdering someone with words.
It's not as illegal as normal murder. Cause it's just words.

There's no law against wurder.
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words, if they actually kill you, that's freakin legal, dude. There's no law against wurder.
by halledean October 11, 2011
The act of killing someone with words in a game of Words With Friends and is not as illegal as actual murder.
Toby failed in creating a suitable word in Words With Friends, and thus he was wurdered.
by PseudonymWizard October 11, 2011
the act of misusing, misspelling, or otherwise deviating from standard English to the point where others can no longer understand what is being said or written.
Trying to read comments on message boards is frequently futile because of users' habit of committing wurder.


The text messages I see on my 13-year-old cousins phone don't appear to be written in English. Whoever wrote them is a pretty serious wurderer.
by ThatSwordplay May 04, 2011
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