The Wisdom of the Universe... witha lil Tang
WU-TANG clan aint nothing to fuck with
by Zacface Killah January 31, 2007
smoking a blunt or joint at the roach by taking many hits and inhaling very hard so the roach goes straight down the throat.sometimes hurts!
hey man wutang that blunt!
by sammmm March 16, 2004
ain't nothing to fuck with
wu-tang clan ain't nothing to fuck with
by jambajumbaking November 15, 2009
That bangin ass dance thats popular in Philly. You can find it in most of the clubs, or just ask somebody if you cant do that jawn. I Can't really explain how to do it, search it on youtube or something.
Girl 1: ::does the wu tang::
Girl 2: "Get that whack ass wutang outta here, you can't wutang better den me!"
by Momobaby February 22, 2007
The sound a sword makes cutting through air then striking metal
sword swing : Wuuuuu
Contact with metal: TANG!

Wu-Tang is the shit!
by Hashmob September 04, 2008
I couldnt find the real definition of wutang anywhere on the internet all that came up is that clan, but wutang is when your smoking a blunt or someone is and when your finished you suck the blunt into the back of your throat and eat it
Yo is that nigga gonna wutang?
by TopSmokerTang October 29, 2012
Inhaling a lit roach from a blunt, then letting go so it sticks to the back of your throat, then swallowing. A fancy way of eating the peanut.
"Man did you see Ben wu tang that shit last night?"
"Yea man, Brian tried and almost puked."
by chemskill October 02, 2007
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