Wrathchild from Killers by Iron Maiden, _the_ best metal band!!!
oooooh WRATHCHILD!!!!!
by dila June 21, 2004
Top Definition
A stellar Iron Maiden track from the album Killers. Written in the mid 70's by Steve Harris, this song has never left its spot on Maiden's live setlists, nor has it left its spot in headbangers' hearts. Excellent soloing by Dave Murray and Adrian Smith, wonderful bass by Steve Harris, and excellent vocals by Paul Di'Anno or Bruce Dickinson make this one of the finest metal tracks ever.
'Cos I'm a, Wrathchild, oooh I'm a, Wrathchild, yeah I'm a Wrathchild. Comin' to get you, ohhh yeah.
by Xaque Elliott December 29, 2004
A child who abandoned by his father (Mostly at a very early age) thus the child holds ill feelings towards him.

Origin: Epic Iron Maiden Song
Jim: Hey! Did i tell you? my friend, Dave Bruni, from kindergarden was a love child!

Jess: Yeah... he goes to my college.. he's a Wrathchild now
by xyzzyxyz January 19, 2011
Wratchild owns me
God I just got owned by Wrathchild
by DarthGreg April 06, 2003
See : Ownage
1) WrathChild owns you

by The Catacombs April 06, 2003
That of which likes gaysex.
WrathChild is a WrathChild
by ;D April 07, 2003
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