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The act to give someone a double handed handshake. The second hand is placed on the mid forearm of the other Wranglewhippie. It is an honour to be involved in a wranglewhipp and the art of wranglewhipping should not be taken lightly. Only wicked people are allowed to receive or give wranglewhipps. Any douche giving or received one should be given a glove slap immediately.
1. I can't believe Clancy Beveridge wranglewhipped him! What a mad cunt.

2. OMG! Nic Horowitz just got wranglewhipped. Legend 4 Life.

3. Did Tonio just try to give him a wranglewhipp? Quickly glove slap him!
by Nic Horowitz (Mr Wranglewhipp) December 03, 2008
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