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When someone is so fat that their wrists and hands merge, this person has "wrands". Wrands usually have that fold of flesh, making it appear as if the person is wearing a meaty jumper. Cute on a baby, absolutely vile on an adult. Wrandy folk love pie, and are rarely seen without food of some kind, even though they insist their disgusting, morbid weight problem is "glandular"
"Sarah's mum has got raging wrands! Did you notice?"
"Yeah, I shuddered when she touched me"
by MagickDio March 07, 2010
3 Words related to Wrands
a combination of "wrists" and "hands" similar to the word "kankles"; describes the part of the arm where a wrist should appear, but the hand seems to grow directly out of the forearm.
Ewe...did you see that lady's wrands? That was so weird.
by reneebeck February 11, 2010
A hand that is the same size as a wrist due to a person large size. The upper body equvalent to cankles.
I don't know how she is gonna fit a braclet on her wrand.
by Neal Tosi July 13, 2008

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