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1) A place on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

2) An Aboriginal word meaning "Deep Water".

3) A certain type of slapper that comes from Woy Woy, that frequents the Sydney rave and nightclub scenes and whose primary goal is to sleep with as many DJ's and promoters as possible.

Woy Woys are often unsuccessful, but as the attack method is using massive numbers of approaches to several different people, occasionally some promoter or DJ wang is achieved - though no one ever admits it and regrets it the next day.
Woy Woy is trying to fuck another DJ. That's the third one this week...
by Spoon7Seven August 13, 2004
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The world's largest above-ground Cemetary. AKA The Hole.
Woy woy's a hoo-oole! *claps*
by Juraga May 02, 2006
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