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1) A place on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

2) An Aboriginal word meaning "Deep Water".

3) A certain type of slapper that comes from Woy Woy, that frequents the Sydney rave and nightclub scenes and whose primary goal is to sleep with as many DJ's and promoters as possible.

Woy Woys are often unsuccessful, but as the attack method is using massive numbers of approaches to several different people, occasionally some promoter or DJ wang is achieved - though no one ever admits it and regrets it the next day.
Woy Woy is trying to fuck another DJ. That's the third one this week...
by Spoon7Seven August 13, 2004
The Angel of Death is a type of raver that frequents the Sydney rave scene, which, quite frankly, looks like the spawn of the dark lord satan himself.

The Angel of Death is generally 20 years older than the average raver, has yellow teeth, wears clothes completely inappropriate for her body and dances around in circles as if performing some satanic ritual to summon her master from the depths of hell. As they look so alike, it is widely believed that The Angel of Death is the inspiration for the character Mrs Crabtree from the cartoon Southpark.

The Angel of Death has a love for gabber music, and can often be found in the first row of a crowd as close to the DJ as possible.
"Dude - look at the Angel of Death dancing around in circles again, waving flags and a whip. Do you think she is performing a ritual to summon some of her friends from the bowels of beyond?"
by Spoon7Seven March 12, 2007
Something that is excellent, or that brings great pleasure.
Person A: I just won a car!

Person B: Dude, that's out the door!
by Spoon7Seven November 04, 2004

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