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(Wow-O-Ver)- When you play World of Warcraft for a long period of time during the early AM hours then going to sleep and waking up in the PM hours with images of World of Warcraft and a headache.
Walnut: Dude I have to stop playing at 11

Brandon: Why?

Walnut: I got a Wowover when I woke up at 2PM, my head was pounding, and I think I also yelled "For the Horde!" to my mom when she was yelling at me to wake up...
by Andrew AKA Walnut December 27, 2007
14 3
A WoW (World of Warcraft) hangover - played for too many hours in a row.
Dude - what's wrong wth you - you look horrible!
Yeah, I was up playing until 5am - I have an awful WoWover.
by Chase Kelly March 23, 2007
6 9