A wannabe goth. Usually wears Hot Topic clothing and follows other goths around. They tend to play DDR because they saw someone else playing it while wearing all black, but they fail miserably on light mode. They listen to bands like Simple Plan and Good Charlotte.
Person 1: Run away! The Avrilites are coming!
by Lord Of The Xenophiles April 12, 2005
Top Definition
Without the/their heads.
Tiger likes to eat babies Woth.
Its fun to watch chickens run around woth.
by KeySignature August 14, 2007
A wannabe goth. Usually reserved for those who are seen with goths yet have not adopted their style.
Woths are almost worse than goths, but not quite.
by TheRemix January 26, 2005
When you fart while placing your ass firlmly on a wooden surface, eg. floor, table.
James is "wothin" it.
by poo_bag April 09, 2005
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