A Flat Head Screw
My errector set is the worst one because it has a metric fuckton of flat head screws for me to slip off of and cut open my fucking thumb.
by PFJ July 23, 2003
Top Definition
Microsoft Office Spell Check
I tried to spell check my email, but I had to cross reference the word I wanted to use with m-w.com because Office spell check is the worst one.
by Timmay June 23, 2003
IF you work in sales.. chances are, your the worst one. Mike Robertson is the worst one. ATI is the worst one. And utimatly "having to find yourself" is the WORST ONE.
Salesmen: You should use a regulator on that baby.
Me: I hate you, your the worst one
by BLunT June 17, 2003
New Jersey Devil Fan
I love the new jersey Devils so I am the worst one. My brain is affected from living in the arm pit of the United states.
by Blunt0r April 19, 2004
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