A Free-to-Play (and not Pay-to-Win) MMO focused around... well, tanks. Red Orchestra meets World of Warcraft meets Battlefield 1942, in other words. Infamous for its bias towards Russian tanks, but otherwise a very original take on the Genre. Also has a large volume of Paper Panzers that didn't actually make production in real life. AKA "WoT"
World of Tanks proves to us that a nice 105mm round is way better than any greatsword.
by RedShocktrooper April 16, 2011
Top Definition
A game where your social life goes to die, and then rot in hell. You cannot escape its grasp, and once you play, you will be addicted to it. After 4 months of grinding, you get bored and leave for 6 weeks. You then come back and are addicted again until your computer crashes.
Me: Iv'e been playing World of Tanks for 4 months straight now.
Friend: Wtf is that?
Me: Gtfo noob.
by ARandomPersonEatingThisTaco June 28, 2012
World Of Tanks is a multiplayer game in which the player controlls various armored vehicles in PvP combat. The game is developed by a Belorussian company, Wargaming, and is infamous for its bias for Soviet tanks, and against German ones. Basicly it is the MMO equivalent of those 50's movies in which every German is stupid and incapable and every Soviet is a superhero.

The game is also based on the "free to play, pay to win" system, it features several "premium" features, that will give the paying customer a great edge over froobs. Features like camo paint (better camoflage), premium tanks (much faster crew training), premium ammunition (much better armor penetration) are all available for real money, or sometimes in game currency, however, the game is designed in a way that you won't have enough of that to pay for everything, unless oyu have a premium acount.

Another "wonderful" feature is the so called RNG or Random Number Generator. It affects everything, the matchmaking, armor effectiveness, damage, accuracy. Basicly it adds +/- 25% to the supposed values. Unfortunately, RNG is not random at all, and is massively rigged to favor noobs and retards, of whom there are literaly millions in this game.

It is a fun game if you:
-love soviet tanks.
-willing to pay a lot of money, to be able to actuly enjoy the game to its fullest.
-play like a total moron so the RNG won't mess you up on a regular basis.
nerd A: Hey, do oyu want to play WoT?
nerd B: World Of Tanks? Are you crazy? I'm not playing P2W shits.
by Hungarian_Patriot July 21, 2014
Free to Play shooter focused on tanks. Instead of controlling a human character you control a World War 2 tank. This game is NOT an MMO.
In the World of Tanks, you're going to need a better gun than that to hurt me!
by Z hero May 09, 2012
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