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A school that runs from grades 6-12.

A sad excuse for a school. Run by a stumpy, Jewish women who has no regard for what really happens inside the classroom. Mostly Greek teachers that boast their gold crosses and pronounce students name with emphases on the ''rrrrrr' or '' ssss''.

That aside, another flaw would include the nauseating e-portfolio system we are forced to use. There is no point and I hear now that report cards will no longer be in use.

Uniforms include vulgar khaki's and pasty white polos. They are un-flattering to even the most beautiful of all genders. Parents, this school teaches nothing...your kids education is at risk!
Man, she's an idiot...and look at her clothes!

Yeah, she goes to that World Journalism Preparatory School...
by a graduate of the school!! July 12, 2011
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