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A bed; primarily used for sex with women.
I fucked Sue on my work bench.
by Motto March 04, 2004
4 3
a bed used for having sex
He: And in here's the bedroom where I keep my workbench.

She: He showed me his workbench and since I was flat as a board, he proceeded to nail me.
by Jake March 06, 2004
14 5
bed or a place to have sex
Chester has a new workbench where he {bounces} with his wife all night long.
by WV-Chester April 10, 2010
6 0
To imply that the bed or work bench is the apparatus used for grinding and plaining off members of the opposite sex within ones sexual workshop
'Thats the workbench, where I plain my bitch off regularly'
by jgk232 March 03, 2005
6 5