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Slurring words into a whole paragraph formation.

This sounds just like drunkanese but without the alcohol. It's a pattern of speech that is slurred and sounds almost like growling. It usually comes out of an older male that has previously spent many hours of his life in a bar. He is used to this pattern of speech and is, oddly enough, stuck in this style without drinking.

If you have ever typed without using a spacebar and read it aloud, this is what wordagraphing sounds like.
It takes me awhile to decipher wordagraphing. Tom called me and asked, "heydoyouwannagooutforluchnextweek?" I sat in a delay as I processed the sounds I heard, trying to figure out the breaks in his words.

Tom is a wordagrapher.

The person who wordagraphs gets a lot of these responses, "huh?", "come again?", "what?", "please?", "I don't know", "one more time?", "excuse me?".
by Marnishka November 30, 2009
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