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A man who is married with children but starts another family with another woman (intentionally) and wants to carry on a relationship with both women as if it is a normal way to live. He has half of his belongings in each woman's house. Sort of like polygamy but with only one marriage involved and one fiance. He likes to spend holidays with both families at the same time. This man is more of a sociopath than a polygamist.

Man that spends his life legally separated from his wife (never intending on getting divorced) while dating and getting engaged to various other deluded women. He cohabitates with both women at the same time.

*This works very easily for a Canadian working in the United States.
Mark was married but fell in love with a co-worker so he became a 2fam man because he wasn't interested in divorcing the wife his fiance didn't know he had.
by Marnishka November 23, 2009
This is a lie a married man tells to a woman he is not married to in order to get her to have sex with him.
Lou was hitting on his hairdresser and she asked him "Lou, aren't you married?" Lou answered, "No, I am divorced, have been for 11 years." (Lou has actually been married for over 20 years).

Lou continues to hit on his hairdresser until she finally gives in to his advances. Because of Lou's little wife lie, the hairdresser has unknowingly become "the other woman".
by Marnishka November 29, 2009
Slurring words into a whole paragraph formation.

This sounds just like drunkanese but without the alcohol. It's a pattern of speech that is slurred and sounds almost like growling. It usually comes out of an older male that has previously spent many hours of his life in a bar. He is used to this pattern of speech and is, oddly enough, stuck in this style without drinking.

If you have ever typed without using a spacebar and read it aloud, this is what wordagraphing sounds like.
It takes me awhile to decipher wordagraphing. Tom called me and asked, "heydoyouwannagooutforluchnextweek?" I sat in a delay as I processed the sounds I heard, trying to figure out the breaks in his words.

Tom is a wordagrapher.

The person who wordagraphs gets a lot of these responses, "huh?", "come again?", "what?", "please?", "I don't know", "one more time?", "excuse me?".
by Marnishka November 30, 2009

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