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Definition 1:

To agree.

"Word" comes from the english saying "my word" which in turn comes from "I give you my word". Meaning that a statement is right and you would be willing to put your honor on the line to back it up.

Definition 2:

To question.

Once again, this comes from "my word". When one says "word" as if asking a question, he or she is asking if the person that made the statement would swear to it.
Example 1:

Person 1: "Man having chapped lips is annoying."
Person 2: "Word." (meaning I agree and I would swear to it)

Example 2:

person 1: "I had corn for dinner last night!"
Person 2: "Word?!" (meaing would you swear by it)
by Vladk December 06, 2005
65 53
1) well said
2)said in a agreement
3) can be used as a greeting, hey whats up
1..and 2...Yo u goin to that rocks tanite....word
3) word up
by styne February 22, 2003
6481 1997
"Word" is the shortened form of the phrase: "my word is my bond" which was originated by inmates in U.S. prisons. The longer phrase was shortened to "word is bond" before becoming "word," which is most commonly used. It basically means "truth." Or "to speak the truth."
"Yo, I fucked twelve bitches last night."
"Word?" ("You speak the truth?")
"Word." ("I speak the truth.")
by LBird October 14, 2005
4443 1553
A versatile declaration, originating (more or less) in hip-hop culture.

"Word" has no single meaning, but is used to convey a casual sense of affirmation, acknowledgement, agreement, or to indicate that something has impressed you favorably.

Its usage among young blacks has been parodied ad nauseam among clueless suburban whites.
"Come on, man, we're going to the store."
by Greenie August 21, 2003
3176 1126
I concur, my fellow African American friends.
"Man, she's got some fine titties!"
by I am Tara Reid's Titties May 29, 2005
2137 1042
Can also be used as a question, meaning "really?"
"Man, this sucks."


"I just got a new car!"
by inkdrinker April 24, 2003
1538 830
"I agree." can be used to express agreement and approval in several ways.
1. a: "Man, that song rocks."
b: "word!"

2. a: "I'm not gonna take crap from him anymore."
b: "Word!"
by Zach March 17, 2003
724 466
to concur
I'd like to hit Monica from the backside, yo!!
by Byron H. December 26, 2003
854 598